3.3. Inbox

The Inbox is the storage place for inbox messages that are sent by an alert firing event.

An inbox message has the following attributes:

Name Value Description
id the numeric id of the message. It is automatically generated.
timestamp the time that the message is sent to inbox.
title title of the inbox message
message the message content
sendEmail the boolean variable of whether email functionality is enabled
read the flag of whether the message is read
sent the flag of whether an email is sent

3.3.1. Listing Inbox Messages of an User

To view a list of “inbox messages” of an user:

URL http://wotkit.sensetecnic.com/api/v2/inbox
Privacy Private
Format JSON
Method GET
Returns 200 OK if successful. A JSON object in the response body containing a list of messages.


curl --user {id}:{password} "http://wotkit.sensetecnic.com/api/v2/inbox"

Sample Inbox Messages Output:

        "id": 5,
        "timestamp": "2014-04-17T00:51:41.701Z",
        "title": "Moisture Sensor Alert",
        "message": "Moisture level is too low, water the plant now!",
        "sendEmail": true,
        "email": "someone@email.com",
        "read": false,
        "sent": false