2.8. Tags

Sensors can specify several tags that can be used to organize them. You can get a list of tags, either the most used by public sensors or by a particular sensor query.

2.8.1. Querying Sensor Tags

A list of matching tags. The query parameters are as follows:

Name Value Description
all-all tags used by sensors that the current user has access to; | subscribed-tags for sensors the user has subscribed to; | contributed-tags for sensors the user has contributed to the system.
private DEPRECATED, use visibility instead. (true - private sensors only; false - public only)
visibility filter by the visibility of the sensors, either of public, organization or private
text text to search in the sensors’s name, long name and description
active when true, only returns tags for sensors that have been updated in the last 15 minutes.
offset offset into list of tags for paging
limit limit to show for paging. The maximum number of tags to display is 1000.
geo coordinates for a bounding box to search within.
Format is yy.yyy,xx.xxx:yy.yyy,xx.xxx, the order of the coordinates are North,West:South,East. Example: location=56.89,-114.55:17.43,-106.219

To query for tags, add query parameters after the tags URL as follows:

URL http://wotkit.sensetecnic.com/api/v1/tags?{query}
Privacy Public or Private
Format json
Method GET
Returns 200 OK on success. A JSON object in the response body containing a list of tag count objects matching the query.

To query for all tags that contain the text bicycles use the URL:


curl --user {id}:{password}


                'name': 'bicycle',
                'count': 3,
                'lastUsed': 1370887340845
                'name': 'bike',
                'count': 3,
                'lastUsed': 1350687440754
                'name': 'montreal',
                'count': 1,
                'lastUsed': 1365857340341

The lastUsed field represents the creation date of the newest sensor that uses this tag.